Fragments Chapter 15 Page 4

Ce qui est sur la note ?

(What’s in the note?)

Quelques chiffres… peut-être un nom.

(Some numbers, and maybe a name.)

Un nom?

(A name?)

Je ne sais pas, il était un seul mot.

(I don’t know, it’s just one word.)

Quel mot?

(What word?)

… “Sirius”… ou quelque chose comme ça.

(Sirius… Or something like that.)

The transmission seems to end abruptly and he removes the ear piece before twisting all of the dials on the radio randomly and climbing out of the jeep.

He nods uncomfortably to the people as he passes by on his way back to the land rover, thanks the man filling the tank with another nod, climbs in, and drives off down the road. They look at each other confused, then to the dead men.