Seeds Chapter 2 Page 10

weapons, wooden swords known as Bokken, a few pairs of Sai - a three pronged metal baton made famous by Raphael the ninja turtle, various sets of nun chucks and a set of Kai - two short scythe like weapons.

Moe shouts to him: Hurry up will you? We haven’t got all day.

Steve returns to the floor in his training outfit. White karate pants and a black sleeveless top. A worn looking brown belt hangs around his waist.

The old master takes two of the bokken from the locker and throws one to him, but he throws it short, intentionally so as to illicit a forward lunge. Steve instinctively and foolishly takes the bait, rushing forward with a grab to catch it and Moe moves quickly towards him. In a blind moment he has the tip of his weapon at Steve’s throat.