Fragments Chapter 19 Page 8

but perhaps not yet wanting to accept their fate, waits to help Pauline climb up to the roof. Tommy looks down at her puzzled and then back up quickly as another pack of zombies, similar in size to the one already pursuing them, enters the park through gates at the other end.

Brian has seen them too and with tears in his eyes tries to drag Pauline to her feet. She stands and starts to run but after only about three paces falls again. Brian looks up towards the Pharmacy, then back towards the swarm, then down at his wife and then to the other swarm which is now closing in fast. He seems to stare at her forever as she pants and gasps for air, looking up at him from her hands and knees. Tears run down his cheeks as he tilts his head looking back down at her. She knew what was coming, and so did