Seeds Chapter 4 Page 1

Along the side of another remote country the Skoda is parked to one side as Jason and Andrew stare down at the map spread out on the bonnet of the car. Cathy is looking through the bags for any remaining food to feed Dylan while the boy lies across the back seat of the car with his legs hanging out. He calls out, half playing but half serious: Are we there yet?

Jason looks up at Cathy with one eyebrow raised and a nod towards the car to let her know she needed to have a word with the boy. She just shakes her head and continues looking through the bags. Uninterested in playing a part in their little battle of egos. She thought that he should know better than to get into a tangle with a kid, he was a grown man after all right? It was hardly a redeeming feature of his personality to let a kid annoy him like this.