Fragments Chapter 1 Page 22

As if everyone becoming… whatever they are now… gives me licence.

I’ve been practicing for this my entire life.

Hell, this situation might even be a blessing in a way. An outlet.

I just need to get back home and load up.

He vaults over the wall and down to the street below. He has weapons with him, but not enough to take on the enemy he now faced.

If he could get to his house, to the bunker, he could make a plan and get prepared.

But to do that he needed to make his way through this warzone to the other side of the town, and he looks around, listening for which directions the screams and groans are loudest in. Then takes off in a sprint towards one of the alley ways, vanishing into the network of alleyways and side streets that run between the main thoroughfares of the town.