Fragments Chapter 20 Page 30

Most of them stare aimlessly, their eyes pointed at nothing and containing a crazed looking gawk. As if on a permanent mental holiday. Each of them drooling a thick clear slimy mucus. Each of them except one, one who looks more in control than the others. The alpha of the swarm.

Steve wasn’t fully aware of it then and pays him no particular attention, instead focusing on the closest drones: Who the hell are these guys? 1…2…3 here and …6…8…6, 6, 5, 7…9…9 of them… no… 18… no matter, I CAN TAKE THEM… I CAN TAKE THEM ALL, 18 PUNKS…I CAN TAKE THEM!

The alpha, with the look of an eye, directs one of the closer two to attack. The mindless drone who steps forward is wearing a floral