Fragments Chapter 20 Page 37

victim: Who is this guy? How did he capture me? He must have used a drug of some kind… Spiked me. I can’t remember meeting him before… is… is… he looks like the checkout guy from the Supervalu in my village back home… I always hated him… no manners, I always thought he looked like a short fat Ricky Martin…. is…wait… it is him! HEY SUPERVALUE GUY! WHY DID YOU DRUG ME HUH? WHY DID YOU ATTACK ME? WHERE THE HELL IS EVERYBODY?… Damn it… he can’t hear me. What the hell is wrong with my mouth? It doesn’t feel broken… But I can’t talk!

As the battered and broken drone attempts to stand Steve pushes him back down to the ground. Then rolls him onto his back and stands on his chest pointing the iron bar