Seeds Chapter 16 Page 2

They climb off, hanging on to whatever part of the Jet Ski they can as the wind continues its frenzied attempts to uproot them. Steve, fighting the convulsions and spasms in his bowel, pushes it higher onto the beach so it doesn’t get swept back out to sea.

He had no idea what they would find here, he didn’t even know if the others had made it, and he still held on to the idea that he would return to the town and have some sort of revenge on Mark. The battery indicator on the goggles blinks and tells him it is running low, just like his own energy levels, and he knows that they need to hurry if they are to get to the bunker before he is left half blind and they are both left stranded. He knew the way in but with the wet rocks, his injury, the wind and rain it was dangerous, especially with the kid.