Fragments Chapter 22 Page 11

As their extended magazines run out he drops them to the ground and pulls two hand grenades from his belt. A quick nod back to the guys on the bus, who are now staring out through the blood stained windows in disbelief, and they drop to the floor to get some sort of cover. He tosses the grenades either side of Frank and walks casually to the rear of the vehicle. The drones now charging forward to reinforce their fallen brothers are instantly turned to Swiss cheese by the twin blasts.

Finally, taking the trigger he ran through from the front grill, he squeezes it tight and the claymore mine blasts a hole in the crowd so big there is a moment when both walls either side of the road can be seen again. Single handed he has cleared about 20 meters of road of drones and reaches into the rear of Frank to drag out a kit bag.