Fragments Chapter 22 Page 22

More bodies reach the roadblock and the bus is rocked by the added weight now testing the walls of the road holding it in place. Sarah and Brian drop to the road as they lose their grip on the roof and climbing to their feet, start making their way towards the plane. Tommy looks around. Steve is taking pot shots with his rifle and slashing the hands and throats of the closest zombies. He needed to thin their numbers to help his bomb to get in deeper. Tommy shouts at him to get his attention: HEY STEVE!

He is greeted with a smiling face he didn’t expect and shakes off the disturbed feeling: I JUST WANNA SAY THANK YOU. YOU KNOW, FOR COMING BACK FOR US. YOU’RE A MAN OF YOUR WORD!

Steve nods and squints at him to say thank you, then realising he